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The MobileOne family is a unique bunch. We know what it’s like to work a dead-end job with uninspiring coworkers and frankly, we’re over it. We simply won’t settle. When you join MobileOne, you are surrounded by people who want to see you grow and thrive. Whether you’re being mentored for a promotion or competing for a trip to Vegas, your teammates will always push you to be your best and more importantly, be yourself. We win together. We celebrate each other.



Featured Story


Leah Kimble Retail Store Manager

Prior to being employed with MobileOne, I worked at a restaurant and was quickly promoted to supervisor. After that, I feel as if everything quickly plateaued as I remained in this position for the next four years to follow.

I worked hard day in and day out and still came up short on a lot of the goals I set for myself. I did not have a car, I did not have a place of my own and quickly realized I needed to make a change. Although I did not have much to show for it, I knew that my hard work would pay off eventually. 


Toward the end of my time working there, I was recruited to MobileOne. With nothing to lose, I quit my job and decided to give sales a shot. I was initially intimidated as this was a huge step out of my comfort zone – I had no prior sales experience or knowledge and those around me were so advanced. 


When I started, I was greeted by an amazing group of people who built the foundation for my success with the company. They gave me all of the tips, tricks, and tools I needed to become a top sales rep after just a few months. After beginning to develop a few of my peers, I was promoted to assistant manager. I continued to excel and eventually earned my own location in January 2020. 


Fast forward to the present and I could not be happier. Not only did I establish a career in which I am financially stable, I am thriving in an environment where hard work and dedication is rewarded and am still working on moving up! I have developed skills that can be used in many aspects of life and achieved a business-oriented mindset, which will help as I look to create a few small businesses by the end of next year!


Favorite MobileOne Moment:

Winning the spiff and a trip to Las Vegas as an assistant manager!


Favorite Hobby:
Softball and football


Favorite Movie:
The Sandlot


“Nothing worth having comes easy”

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